About Grace at The Place

We are a Local Congregation in La Grande, Oregon that is Called to Serve All God’s People

Our Goal is to Fulfill the Great Commission by Teaching Timeless Scriptural Truths and Promoting the Gospel

Our History

Grace Community Church, a Lutheran Congregation in Mission for Christ (LCMC), was established in June 2012. We are a joyful mixture of varying denominations, having joined together in response to the movement of many churches towards a secular influence of political correctness on our faith.

Our Core Values

Our foundational belief is that God is revealed to us through His creation and His biography, the Holy Bible. We are a welcoming family with excellent music, strong traditional teaching based on all of the Holy Bible, and inspirational, challenging preaching. We invite and welcome all who are seeking eternal salvation through the sacrifice of Christ on the cross for our individual sins. If you are not sure what this is all about and are searching for answers, you are most welcome, too.

Our Mission

Our mission as a church family comes directly from the Great Commission given by Jesus in Matthew 28:19-20, in which he instructs believers to make disciples of all the nations and baptize them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. We aim therefore to serve Christ by teaching the Gospel and helping believers grow as disciples of Jesus.

Grace Leadership

Curt Bakker

Interim Pastor

I was asked to help out with leading worship and preaching, and have been doing so for 10 months now.  I have a full-time job working in maintenance at our local hospital, so this has been challenging.  My prayer is that I can continue filling in until the church is able to secure the ministry of a full-time pastor. Grace needs a man who can truly ‘live’ with
this flock.

The believers here are hungry to know God’s Word, which has made my work very rewarding.  Their love for God and each other is evident.  My wife and I have been warmly received into their fellowship.  Our plan is to hang around, using the gifts God has given us, to encourage this congregation to walk faithfully in the Lord.  My hope is to see them find a faithful shepherd–a man who holds tenaciously to the Authority of Scripture, to the Lordship of Christ, to walking obediently in his personal life, and to giving himself sacrificially for the members of this church.

Shirley Simmons


I was transitioning away from my church when I joined with others to form Grace. We were a group of people that were friends and needed to make sure that that our teachings were biblical.

I have served as treasurer since the start-up of Grace and am also on the church council and assist in any area needed within the church.

I am motivated by the fact that we learn and teach from the Bible, not changing any of it to meet our own thinking and wording.

I like to serve and be able to provide what skills I have to help our church continue to survive and grow.  It takes many hands, each with their own skills, to keep our church reaching forward.

Church is a place I receive peace and friendship with others. We learn not only friendship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but also have friendship with others in the church. We are like a true family. 

Lee and Beth Insko

Board and Council Members, Sunday School Teacher, Organist

Lee serves on the financial board and facilitates council meetings while Beth serves as worship leader, organist and teaches Sunday School along with other members of the congregation.

We were instrumental as part of a group in forming Grace Church as our former church began adding and detracting from the Word to a point of saying that faith in Christ was not to only way to salvation.

Our lives in Christ and His amazing love and faithfulness for us motivates  us to obey and serve as the Holy Spirit leads.  He truly is the Way, and the Truth and the Life, and we want all to know and experience the hope and salvation in Christ!

Bev White

Board and Council Member

My husband and I originally joined Grace at the Place because we valued the Biblical message, the beautiful, joyful music, the friendly inclusion in a true “family of God.” We prized the adult Sunday School which offered in depth study.

I have enjoyed serving as Council Member, Communion Assistant and teacher. All of us help in visiting, providing food for fellowship, congregational shut-in needs and community outreach.

The congregation’s determination to make our focus the teaching of The Word of God and the worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ continues to motivate me to stay involved.

Scott Matthews

Board and Council Member

About a month after my wife passed away, I met Linda Christenson at the grocery store.  We got to and she invited me to church.

It was exactly what I needed at the time. I’ve been going ever since.

Grace has been such a blessing to me. I feel that my role is to give back wherever & whenever I’m needed, whether through outreach, building maintenance, or whatever is needed.

Jesus’ gift of eternal life is the top motivator for me. Because I feel so blessed that the good Lord has provided me with a Faith Family that I absolutely love to no end. I look forward to and enjoy their company and fellowship every Sunday.

We Support Local and International Missions

We support or are involved in various local and international ministries including:

Union County Young Life

Youth For Christ

Next Step Pregnancy Center

Village South Africa Orphanage and School

Union County Salvation Army

Samaritan's Purse

Plan Your Visit and Experience God’s Grace

We know what it’s like when you can’t find a church home and end up trying to live the Christian life on your own.  Many of us have experienced this too, yet we know the Christian life wasn’t meant to be lived in isolation. 

Our goal is to be a loving spiritual family where you can grow and flourish in your walk with Jesus.  We invite you to stop in on a Sunday to learn and grow with us, or contact us directly if you have more questions.